Monday, May 22, 2017

88. Alexander O'Neill On Deck For 2018!

The Indiana Genealogical Society Conference in April 2018 will be in New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana. I'm planning to go down early and revisit my only Indiana O'Neill branch. Still have a brick wall on William James, so maybe something will shake loose.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

87. A New O'Neill Connection Located

[I just received the following email from Kansas. Lots of O'Neills are connecting through the Web. ]

Hello, Ron -
I am a fellow descendant of Hugh and Deborah O'Neill, through their son William, as follows:

Hugh O'Neill  >  William O'Neill >   Mary Ann O'Neill Crawford  >  Forest Lily Crawford Long  >  Lawrence Long  >  Marjorie Long Freidline  > 
Bill Freidline  >  Blaine Freidline

 I live in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City.  My family has lived in Kansas since William O'Neill came to Kansas Territory a year or two before statehood.  (And as you can see above, Mary Ann O'Neill married a Crawford, from an Ulster Scot family also in Kansas Territory.)

 A thousand thank-you's for your detailed essay "The Hugh O'Neill Family: From County Carlow to Ohio"!  I have learned a great deal about our O'Neill roots from it (and I knew very little before reading it).  I am grateful for all your hard work on this and the rigor you applied. 

 My wife, daughter, and I will be travelling to Ireland in late September and will visit County Carlow.  Any suggestions as to people to see or places to visit?  We will certainly go to the small towns and countryside in the Leighlinbridge/Bagenalstown/Fenaugh area.  I saw the article by Niall Green on your blog about the graves of John and Esther O'Neail in Fenaugh.  Do the graves still have the inscriptions that you record elsewhere on your blog?  Any other info on those graves?  Do you know where in Kilkenny Hugh and Deborah were married in 1794?  Do you know any more of the participation of Hugh and his brothers in the Rebellion of 1798?

 When you get a chance, I'm all ears to any suggestions you have on things we can learn about the O'Neills in Ireland.  I do have some info on William O'Neill and his descendants in Kansas.

 Thanks again.  You've certainly enriched my understanding of my O'Neill ancestry.

 Your distant cousin, Blaine

Monday, May 16, 2016

86. Just so you know, we're still in business!

The O'Neill family and associates are still viable members of this great American nation and have been since 1805. How many folks can say that? Anyone have anything new to report?

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

85. My Wilson Family Book Comes Out In December

There's one thing to be said for a lengthy recuperation period: You have time for lots of keyboard and sorting tasks. My book on the Wilson family has been in process for way too long, as I was busy on other jobs. It will be coming out this month, after a couple of small additions and some editing. How is this connected to the O'Neill family? Well, Mary Catherine Wilson married Thomas O'Neill in Summerfield, Ohio, in 1874, and my grandmother Lena O'Neill was born five years later. Oh, yes, William Wilson was one of my Patriot ancestors (the others were John Long and Henry Darrah).

Revolutionary Patriot 
William Wilson
 of Maryland
and West Virginia

Ronald L. Darrah

Saturday, November 28, 2015

84. Gotta Love Family History Reunions!

The Horton family had a reunion in 2002 in Summerfield, Ohio, founded by Moses Horton around 1817 or so. David O'Neill and I were the only two attendees descended from Anne Horton and John O'Neill. We had a great time out in a field close to town. Only other family reunion I ever attended was a Bowen get together at Kent, Ohio, a few years later. I recommend them highly; if you ever get a chance, attend one of your family assemblies. You'll be glad you did!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

83. Morgan O'Neill House in County Carlow.

   This house owned by Morgan O'Neill in Old Leighlin was built in the mid-1700's. Hugh O'Neill, Morgan's brother and my 4th great-grandfather, along with his family lived here for a time before they left for America ca 1806. [Photocopy not too good a quality]

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

82. New Relative: Niall Green of Scotland

[One of the great things about blogging and the Internet is the opportunity to make long-distance connections with family members. Here's the latest O'Neill linkage.]

October 28, 2015
Hello Ron,
                Thank you for your recent email. I have only recently come across the O'Neill Carlow-Ohio Blogspot and as I have an interest in this family I thought I should make contact with you to see how and what I can contribute.
                I am a descendant of John and Esther (John>Luke>James>Charlotte who married my Great Grandfather Joshua Green in Dublin. (I was born in Dublin and am now retired and living in Scotland). I have been researching this family, on and off, for many years and have accumulated much family data from my great aunt Lillian Green (1885-1978), my father Leslie Green (1909-1997) and his second cousin Nora Madden nee O'Neill (1920-2010), with help from a local historian Dick Corrigan (1929-2015), Dermot James (1928-2010) and extensive broader historical information on the Carlow O'Neills from Sean O'Neill in Dublin. My contribution has been to digitise most of this family information - mainly on Luke and William's families, but adding others where the connections are relevant.
                I am currently writing up what I have on the Carlow O'Neills with various images and comments on the accuracy - I prefer not to share a computer dump of the data as some of the information is a guess/not verified.
                The most certain information is the birth dates of John and Esther's children recorded in the family bible that went with Hugh and Deborah ca 1805. With John and Esther's details, the tombstones in the cemetery of the Church of All Saints (Church of Ireland) in Fenagh, Co. Carlow provide the link to John's father Hugh and mother Catrine and Hugh's brother Morgan. The lack of clear information makes it impossible to go further back; there is no evidence for a link between the Ulster and Carlow O'Neills, though they could have been a connection, as  both were the only protestant O'Neill families in Ireland.
                We have patchy information about John and Esther's children, though for some children (Hugh, Luke and William) quite a lot of good information has been handed down through the families.  More recently, the availability of online church (including Quaker records) and civil registration records has helped to fill in some of the missing gaps.
                Substantiating the accuracy of this data with sources is paramount and this has been difficult with such a large family, but I am working through more recent BMD civil registration and church records to try and confirm the links. There are many gaps and no doubt inaccuracies and several family lines which I have not been able to connect to John and Esther's family. I have less information on more recent generations born after 1911 (the last available Irish Census).
                I was saddened to see the information about David Wymer O'Neill's death in 2014 on your website. David visited me in Linlithgow in 2000, and gave me information from the family bible which provided the link between Luke and his father John. Later that year we paid a brief visit to County Carlow, the Fenagh graveyard and various locations (Lorum, Garryhill/Clonmore etc). I have a photograph of David showing me where he found Catrine O'Neill's buried triangular gravestone  by prodding the ground between other O'Neill gravestones. Please see the attached - if you would like to use on the website go ahead.
                David also gave me a copy of O'Neill Family History by Rev. George O'Neill, which no doubt has provided much information on the American descendants from Hugh O'Neill and Deborah Joyce and I think this has been incorporated in the website.
                If there are questions on this O'Neill family who stayed in Carlow after 1806, I would be happy to attempt an answer

Niall Green                                               
Linlithgow, Scotland