Sunday, February 8, 2015

74. Dorinda O'Neill

[I've always liked the name Dorinda. If I had discovered it before I had my children, I would have considered it for one of my girls. Wonder how they would have felt about that?] 
The O’Neill Book

Section 3B: Dorinda O’Neill

Dorinda, born April 1, 1828

            Dorinda, the elder daughter of John and Anne O’Neill, was born near Summerfield, Ohio… She was named for her grandmother on the maternal side.
            From the tradition handed down, this child must have been deficient either physically or mentally or both. She died at the age of twenty-one years.

            Dorinda actually died in September of 1849 of consumption, according to the 1850 Ohio Mortality Index for Monroe County. She is buried in Eastern Cemetery at Summerfield, OH.

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