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64. John and Esther's First Three Children

Section 1A: Hugh O’Neill

Hugh, born June 7, 1755        Died in 1773
 The first born of this large family was named Hugh in honor of the child’s grandfather. This birth is recorded in the old bible in these words: “Born June 7th, 1755, at ye Houre of Six in the Morning.”
This son died at about the age of eighteen years and just a few months before the birth of the eighth child, which was also a son. So this newborn addition to the family was given his dead brother’s name.  
             I made contact with Jeff O’Neill in Canberra, Australia, a descendant of Morgan O’Neill, and Jeff said that Hugh died on 16 Mar 1773. I have found no information to date as to where the family was living at the time, but we may presume in the proximity of Dunleckney, as this was where the family was located on the Tithe Applotment Books of 1824.
            We do not know Hugh’s cause of death or location, but again may presume Dunleckney, or in the Barony of Idrone East, until we find out differently. I do not think the average Irish resident of this era moved as extensively as Americans are accustomed to assume.

Section 1B: James O’Neill

James, born January 24, 1757 

            The marriage range for James should have been 1775 (age 18) to 1787 (age 30). Sean O’Neill [Ibid.] lists one James born in 1757. This James was listed on page 103 as being 70 years old, with a wife 20 years younger plus one other female and one other male, living on 42 acres as a farmer. This must have been in 1827 for him to be 70. He is described as James “of the Road,” whatever that means. This James was listed as being in Kilpipe.
            In “Schools of Kildare and Leighlin,” by Rev. Martin Brenan [Gill and Son, Dublin, 1935], the author lists a James O’Neill as a schoolmaster in Old Leighlin in 1824. Since our James would have been 67 at the time, this is probably not him, but we can’t rule it out. Perhaps it is a son or nephew.
            There is no mention of a James O’Neill being married on LDS film roll 0100171, but Jeff O’Neill of Australia has him married and the father of Humphrey O’Neill [source unknown].
            The Carlow Grantor Index of 1813-16 has one “Jas.” listed as conveying land to a Cary. No James is listed on the Tithe Applotment Books of 1825, although several of his brothers seem to be.
            In the index for the 1850 Griffith’s Valuation, there is one James in Carlowtown, living on Brown Street. If this is “our” James, he would have been around 93 or so, which is possible but not probable. He is also out of the Leighlin-Dunleckny axis, which seems to figure in the O’Neill family there. No other James’ are listed in County Carlow.
            At this time my conclusion is that James probably died prior to 1825, when he would have been 68 years old. A less likely conclusion is that he moved to another county or emigrated.

Section 1C: Catherine O’Neill

Catherine, born May 24, 1760

            Girls usually marry between the ages of 16 and 30, so this gives us a range for Catherine of 1776-1790. So far I have found no marriages for any Catherine anywhere near these dates, after searching “The O’Neill’s of Leinster,” or LDS film roll 0100171.
            I did find a marriage of a Catherine to George Saville in 1807, when this Catherine would have been 47 years old. This could be her, but it’s a stretch. The three other Catherine marriages, in 1824, 1836, and 1840, would make her even older.
            At this time I do not know if Catherine died unmarried, moved away from Carlow (possibly with a husband), or emigrated with one of her brothers.

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