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93. John O'Neill Deed to William O'Neill, Garryhill, 1803

Note on copy of document written by David O’Neill

Will of John O’Neill gives Garryhill (commonly called Clonmore) to William O’Neill 30 May 1803


To the register appointed by Act of Parliament for the xxxxx Registering of deeds xxxxx

Memorial of an indented deed of assignment bearing date the thirtyeth day of May one thousand eight hundred and three and made Between John O'Neill xx  xxx of Garryhill in the Coy of Carlow Gent of the one part and William O'Neill of ?Garryhill aforesaid xxxx son of the xxx John O'Neill of the other part.  ?Reciting xxx Right Honorable William

Earl of Bessborough by Indenture of lease duly executed bearing date the first day of June one thousand seven hundred and eighty four for the consideration of xxxxxx xxxx  xxxxxx to farm let unto the said John O'Neill all that part of the xxxx of Garryhill commonly called Clonmore

xxxxx xx xx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx Forty two acres and two rods plan

-tation measure be the same more less xxx xx ample manner as the aforesaid John

O'Neill and Hugh O'Neill his father then held and enjoyed the same together

with four acres one rood and thirty perches of Bog to hold to the said John

O'Neill his heirs and assigns for the life and lives of John Perkins O'Brien eldest

son of Arthur O'Brien of Garryhill xxx John O'Neill and Luke O'Neill second and

fourth sons of the said John O'Neill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

at the yearly rent of Twenty one pounds sterling with two shillings in the pound xxx

fees payable by two equal half yearly payments on every first day of May and

first day of November over and above all taxes whatsoever.  Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

the said John O'Neill  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said deed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxx sell aforesaid xxxx  xxx to the said William O'Neill xxx assigns all

that part of the lands of Garryhill herein before particularly xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx

xxx all appurtenances thereunto belonging to hold to him and xxx for  xxxx

the lives and life of the aforesaid John Perkins O'Brien John O'Neill and Luke O'Neill

and the successors and survivors of them subject to the aforesaid yearly rent of twenty one

pounds and other clauses in the said lease from the said William Earl of Bess

-borough to the said John O'Neill and xxx said deed of  xxxxxxxxx duly xxxxxxx

by Hugh O'Neill of Garryhill aforesaid and Edward Low of Ballyxxxx in the Coy of

Carlow Gent and this memorial is also witnessed by the said Edward Low and Hugh Greg of

Leighlin Bridge in the County of Carlow Gent.

                                                                                    555 - 203

Signed and sealed in the presence of                                                              William O'Neill

Hugh Greg    Edward Low

The above named Edward Low maketh oath that he is subscribing witness to the original deed of assignments of which the above is a true memorial and also to the above memorial and that the desponent xx said Deed duly executed by John O'Neill and William O'Neill the executing parties xxxx saw the above memorial duly executed by the said William O'Neill and that the name xxxx xxxx subscribed as witness xxx to aforesaid deed and memorial respectively is xxx proper name and handwriting.

 [Sent by Niall Green]

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