Thursday, February 23, 2012

9. Beyond The Book: Deborah's Gravesite

Since my O'Neill genealogy was printed in 2005 several new developments have occurred. On page 23 I wrote that we did not know where Deborah Joyce O'Neill, Hugh's wife, was buried. We have since rediscovered that site, courtesy of Delbert Shackle and his son David.

This is the site, out in the woods and on the original farm that Hugh bought in what was then Monroe county, Ohio.

A closeup correcting our idea that Deborah died in 1824. It does not mention the baby that also reportedly died.

 And this sword is protruding from the stone. One keeps expecting Arthur and Merlin to appear at any moment!

If you want to visit, here are the directions:

Directions to Deborah O’Neill Grave Site in Noble County:
 1. Start at State Route 146 & 513 in Summerfield. Go East on S.R. 146 approximately 1.5 to 2 miles. When you come to County Road 51 [Barnes Ridge], turn left on to C.R. 51 and travel approx. 3//4 of a mile.
2. At this point there will be a Gas line right-of-way crossing C.R. 51 and a lane to the left. Go down this lane about 250 feet, where there is another right-of-way to your left with a four-wheeler path. Follow this four-wheeler path [which follows the right-of-way] for approx. 1/3 of a mile. This will put you at a creek.
 3. Cross this creek and turn left, following the creek. You need to keep this creek to your left as you follow it, and you will go through a narrow wooded area. You will then cross a power line right-of-way. This will put you at the woods. You will continue on along the small creek.
 4. As you enter the woods you will need to angle a little to the right. This will put you on a small ridge up from the creek. Deborah’s grave site will be on this ridge about 300 ft into the woods. This ridge is only 20 feet higher than the creek.
5. If you have any questions, please feel free to call David Shackle at 740-838-2871.

I did report this location to the Ohio Genealogical Society, and it is now listed as the "O'Neill Cemetery."

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