Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6. Hugh O'Neill Bible Data

“I, John O’Neail, in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and fifty four, married Esther Ashmore, the second day of June, in the church of Old Leighlin. The ceremony was performed by the Reverend Mr. Jenkins.”

At the top of the Family History page in the family Bible [see previous post], is the marriage info above. The Cathedral Church of Old Leighlin
(pronounced Lock-lin) at right is where this ceremony presumably took place. Wanda and I stood in the exact spot, according to the Church of Ireland minister giving us a tour. The "old" part had the stones worn down from centuries of use. Even though they were Methodists they had to marry in the C of I for the ceremony to be valid. I could not find any O'Neills in this cemetery, although several were in the Leighlinbridge Cemetery about a mile away.

“My father Hugh O’Neail died in the year of our Lord 1790, aged 94 years.” 

Later on the Bible page is the  notation above, giving us another generation back.

Hugh, born June 7, 1755   Died in 1773
James, born January 24, 1757
Catherine, born May 24, 1760
John (2nd), born March 13, 1764
Morgan, born June 17, 1767
Luke, born December 22, 1769
Hugh (2nd), born June 15, 1773
George, born January 6, 1777
William, born July 26, 1778

The children of John and Esther were listed as above. We know that some of Morgan's descendants moved to Australia and now live around Canberra. The second Hugh, of course, is our immigrant ancestor.

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