Sunday, March 11, 2012

24. Kansas Connection: Mary Horton O'Neil Collins

    Mary Horton O'Neil (note one "l") was the daughter of Moses O'Neil and the great-granddaughter of Hugh and Deborah.
    Moses settled in Kansas after he came back from California [that's another story!]. He married Eleanor Rosebaugh and Mary is their daughter.  The Kansas branch seems to have lost the second "l" in O'Neill.
    She married Alonzo Collins and this is her family.
    Top, L to R--Mary Ellen, Frank H., Hubert L., William O'Neil, and Marjorie M.
   Seated, L to R--Alonzo, Eugene F, and Mary Horton. [Moses' mother was Anne Horton.] Eugene was born in 1906, so this photo is ca 1915 or so.

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