Sunday, March 18, 2012

27. The Oregon Bunch: Robert Curtis

   This is Robert Curtis, who was a son of Mary Ann (Maud) O'Neill Curtis. Maud and her family lived in Hood River, Oregon. Robert was very interested in his O'Neill ancestry, and drove this car (Maybe a '47 Pontiac?) from Oregon to Ohio and West Virginia.
   He visited his Aunt Lena Bowen in Wellsburg, WV, when my sister and I were living with them. He gave us a ride in his new car up the river to Steubenville and back. Really exciting stuff for kids in the late '40's!
   I returned the family favor, unfortunately after Robert died, when I flew to Hood River in the late 1990's to visit his brother Linus Curtis and his family. We exchanged info and photos and had a great visit.

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