Tuesday, March 27, 2012

33. R.I.P. Kyle Burdell O'Neill

    Kyle Burdell O'Neill, named after a Methodist clergyman, was born in Summerfield on March 22, 1885. He was the son of Thomas and Kate O'Neill. He grew up on the farm in Summerfield, but early in 1912, he moved to Chicago, where his brothers Charles and Druly lived.
    Shortly after his move, Kyle contracted tuberculosis and moved again to Montrose, Colorado, where another brother George resided. The Colorado move was supposedly for the clear air and elevation.
    Kyle died in Montrose on August 18, 1913. His body was shipped by train back to Summerfield, where he was buried in the Eastern Cemetery.

Kyle O'Neill

Kyle's Christening Spoon with Initials

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  1. My son's name is Kyle, I didn't realize he was given the same name as one of my ancestors....